středa 13. května 2015

Battle of the Nations 2015

After a long long time I'm back. I have to apologise I've been quiet for so long, but I had too many worries. The university which I attend will be canceled. I have neither a job nor another school. And in this atmosphere me and Marek are planning our wedding. It's just difficult. But the fact that we have some problems doesn't mean we're sitting at home in depression.

Last week, Prague hosted the Battle of the Nations - four-days-long World Tournament at the Historical Medieval Battle. It took place on a beautiful Prague's hill Petřín. Unfortunately we couldn't visit it every day, but we came at least the last day to see the finale. I don't know anything about the historical battle, I'll have to study it carefully. The only thing I can tell you is that almost everything (including women's categories) have won the Russians. Damn, we have to beat them at least in the ice hockey :D.

středa 18. března 2015

Nuclear Winter, part I

Hello my friends, today I want to show you some photos of me. They've been taken by my boyfriend Marek in the winter, because I wanted some photos with snow. It was almost impossible - this winter was really poor for snow. When have fallen some snowflakes, they melted faster than I made my eyeshadows. BUT one day we've woke up earlier and we succeeded! I've got many pictures but in fact all photoshoot haven't lasted more than fifteen minutes, because I was almost blue from frost :D.

úterý 3. března 2015

pondělí 19. ledna 2015

Old outfits: 7, 8, 9, 10

I've got these outfits in draft articles for so long that I'm not sure when I wore them or for what reason :D. I think next two were for some concerts or something like that.