středa 18. března 2015

Nuclear Winter, part I

Hello my friends, today I want to show you some photos of me. They've been taken by my boyfriend Marek in the winter, because I wanted some photos with snow. It was almost impossible - this winter was really poor for snow. When have fallen some snowflakes, they melted faster than I made my eyeshadows. BUT one day we've woke up earlier and we succeeded! I've got many pictures but in fact all photoshoot haven't lasted more than fifteen minutes, because I was almost blue from frost :D.

úterý 3. března 2015

pondělí 19. ledna 2015

Old outfits: 7, 8, 9, 10

I've got these outfits in draft articles for so long that I'm not sure when I wore them or for what reason :D. I think next two were for some concerts or something like that.

neděle 18. ledna 2015

Vánoce u nás

Konečně jsme se dostali do současnosti - k Vánocům :).

Stromeček letos taťka přivezl z Moravy z našeho lesa :).