Wave Gotik Treffen 2017

Something new for today! After three years we finally returned to Leipzig in Germany and visited gothic festival Wave Gotik Treffen.

We took one polaroid picture every day
We arrived one day before and changed our tickets for wristbands in Agra (area where the main actions take place). We spent an evening in beautiful café/bar/pub Waldi surrounded by hundreds of antique and granny-like stuff.

Our hostel was at the line of tram number 11 and it was great, because 11 connects Agra, Heidnisches Dorf (fortress with medieval village), main station and some clubs (last time we've been at WGT we stayed at hostel far away from city centre and we saw almost nothing, because it was really hot and we were exhausted from long travelling in blazing public transport). There was also bagel canteen next door from our hostel so we had tasty breakfast every day and don't have to travel for hour in Heidnisches Dorf to get some food as we did three years ago.

New Town Hall

Courthouse, I think

Church behind our hostel


First day of the festival we visited medieval village and then we changed clothes and went to Victorian picnic at Clara Zetkin park. It was ten minutes by walk from our hostel so it was really comfortable. This year we also didn't forget picnic basket, blanket and tablecloths, so we picnicked stylish. In the evening we went to Agra and see Devilment with Danny Filth (I never liked Cradle of Filth but I have to say Devilment is not bad :)).

Baked salmon


Salmon baked on fire with honey and mustard sauce

Second day we dressed up and went to the city centre. I was dressed in black and white like Wednesday Addams with dreadlocks and each shoe different and my husband was dressd in the same colours - it was the first time people was stopping us in the streets and taking photos of us. It's quite surprising, because city was full of people more extraordinary than we were, but it satisfied me :). Obviously walking in shoes of two different colours is more interesting than super big victorian gown made of latex :D.
After this walk we changed our clothes (WGT is the only festival where you are changing your clothes three or four times a day :D) and went to Agra to have some food and do some shopping. We didn't buy anything. To be honest, the only things we don't own yet are those which are to expensive. Then we went to medieval village (yes, again :D) to catch the concert of Myrkur. It was amazing! Normally I like neither black metal nor woman vocal and Myrkur do both. But in its special, enchanted way. I recommend you to check it at YouTube.
My feet hurted so badly I cannot walk (even though I had quite normal shoes I wear every day) that we only bought bottles of fruit wine and sat there till the night. I have to say that this year pagan/folk/celtic... bands in Heidnisches Dorf were almost all boring and made us only more sleepy. Then there was some fire show but honestly it was little bit unprofessoinal.

St. Thomas Church

Old Town Hall

Veggie Flammkuchen with apples

And something not so veggie

Caribbean bowle with coconut milk, apricots and tangerines


Third day we went trough the market of  medieval village and then travel to the monument to the Battle of the Nations. I never realised how incredibly big it is!
After our walk we went back to Agra and saw nice concerts of The 69 Eyes and The Mission.

Liebeselixier - Love Potion


Monument to the Battle of the Nations

That little ant down the stairs is my husband :)

The 69 Eyes

The Mission

Fourth day we finally did some small shopping (but we spent much more money for all that delicious food and drink). In the evening we went to Felsenkeller club to see Finsterforst and then to Täubchednhall club to catch The Creepshow. I really liked both clubs and both bands, The Creepshow got me in dancing mood so we stayed at Täubchenthall till DJ's afterparty (where I danced only with myself like Billy Idol or Luna Lovegood, because my husband don't like to dance :D).

The best food stall

The most delicious veggie lunch - baked vegetable with cheese and mango chutney

My beloved Handbrot

Quite decadent look of Felsenkeller club

Look at those crystal Chandeliers

Stucco decorations and exposed bricks

Interior of Täubchenthal

We slept just few hours and then leave Leipzig and went back to Prague. I hope we will return some day :).

What we finally bought: reversible corset (one side is black suede, second is brown, smooth and wrinkled - it will be good for some steampunk), small pentagram earring, two raven claw earrings and lots of bottles of fruit wine.


  1. I will he honest, I´m jealous <3 So many amazing outfits and people. And music too. Someday I will get there, too :D I have to! :D

  2. You definitely should! Ale jinak můžeš psát slovensky. Píšu sice v angličtině, ale česky i slovensky pořád ještě rozumím ;).



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