Something new again :). Two weeks ago we visited turistic centre of Poland - Kraków.

Sukiennice (Cloth Hall - historical market)
I wanted to buy tickets for System of a Down to my husband as a Christmas gift but the Czech show was sold out - so I decided to combine it with little trip and bought tickets for their Polish performance.
Travell by train took 7 hours but it wasn't as long as it sounds. Train was camfortable and we had lot of food and films :). We arrived to Kraków at 7 pm, did little walk around an Old Town and had a dinner - traditional Polish dumplings filled with spinach.

Rynek Główny (Main Square)

Town Hall Tower

Sukiennice (Cloth Hall)


Spinach dumplings

Barbican (defence complex)

We saw so much from the Old Town in those few hours after our arrival that we decided for an unplanned travel next day and spent half of it in salt mine Wieliczka. It was amazing! It's sooo huge - the tour lasts 3 hours and shows only 1,5% from all mine. Under the ground there are 18 chaples, lakes, statues, huge halls and even a restaurant - all built of salt (you can even licked it :D). In the evening we returned back to Kraków and visited Jewish city, which is full of not only Jewish sights and synagogues (which are bautiful and interesting of course), but also cozy and stylish pubs, cafés and restaurants.

Stalls of Sukiennice

Obwarzanek krakowski - traditional Polish pastery which is boiled before baking. Stalls with it (one is in the background) are everywhere.

Now 64 meters down.

It seems to be black but when you put a torch on it, it spreads the light and shine.

Legend of Princess Kinga

Wooden columns covered with salt

The chapel of Princess Kinga is incredible

The floor is made of one piece of salt and it took 3,5 year for one miner to create it

A few meters wide and all of salt


Eating under the ground - they even had Wieliczka beer

Jewish city

Jewish street art



...and another...

...and another.

Next day we finally visited Wawel Castle with St. Stanislaus and Wenceslaus Cathedral. It was so cold and rainy that we did just a quick walk, visited a Dragon's Den and hide in the nearest restaurant. After a delicious lunch we finally went to Tauron Arena to concert of System of a Down. Supporter was Royal Republic, which was super funny and got me in dancing mood. SoaD were great, they played almost everythnig without any breaks - really, they didn't even speak with audience. Some poeple don't like it but I personally prefer when bands are playing, not speaking.
Way back to the hotel was a real horror. There weren't any additional trams so thousands of people had to fit only in four trams O.o. Absurd.


St. Stanislaus and Wenceslaus Cathedral

3D Lady with an Ermine!

Dragon's Den. According to the legend a dragon lived under the castle since the founder of the city, Krakus, killed him. His bones are hanging in front of the St. Stanislaus and Wenceslaus Cathedral (in fact they are mammoth, rhino and whale bones).

Statue of the dragon. It should breathe fire but we didn't see it.

Royal Republic

System of a Down

And this is the end. Day after the concert we travelled back to The Czech Republic. Two from our three summer trips are done.


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